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IEEE standards

IEEE standards

Recommendations are given to prevent harmful effects in human beings exposed to electromagnetic fields in the frequency range of 0-3 kHz. The recommendations are intended to apply to exposures of the general public (>>), as well as to individuals in controlled environments.

Basic restrictions

Internal electric fields

Part of bodyLimit for controlled exposures (50 Hz)

44.3 mV/m


0.943 V/m

Hands, wrists, feet, ankles

2.10 V/m


2.10 V/m

Maximum permissible exposures (MCE)

50 Hz magnetic field

Part of bodyLimit for controlled exposures (50 Hz)
Head and torso

2.71 mT

Arms and legs

75.8 mT

50 Hz electric field: 20 kV/m (but in some conditions it can be acceptable to exceed)
Note that this value is not derived from basic restriction but from indirect effects like microshocks.


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Latest update on 11/06/2015

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