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Characteristics of field meters

Characteristics of field meters

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  • Electrical concepts - Electrical concepts interesting to have in mind in order to tackle the subject of electromagnetism and electric and magnetic fields without apprehension.
  • Electric and magnetic fields - The electric and magnetic fields are distinct concepts that were developed to explain the effects of electricity at a distance. (...)
  • Electromagnetism - Electromagnetism is the study of charge interactions at a distance, of currents and electric and magnetic fields. (...)
  • Uses of EM properties - How do common domestic electrical appliances work? Based on various examples, we should gain an overall understanding of the operating principle behind those machines that convert electrical energy into thermal or mechanical energy or otherwise make use of electrostatic and electromagnetic properties.
  • Electricity network - How does the electrical grid work? All you would like to know about the transmission of electricity from power plant to the outlet on our walls.

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After nearly 40 years of research on 50 Hz EMF and health, the results of studies are still inconclusive. See an overview of the research.

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Some people report a variety of symptoms that they attribute to electricity and fields. It results in varied degrees of discomfort or poor health perceived. (...)

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