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Indoor ELF-EMF exposure

Indoor ELF-EMF exposure

The majority of the electrical appliances in the home are located in the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are consequently the most exposed in the house. Many appliances (e.g. hair drier, can-opener, shaver ... ) produce intense magnetic fields (> 100 µT) during short periods of time.

See a guided tour of 50 Hz magnetic field intensities at home.
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Toaster (800 W)
0.07 µT (50cm)
0.4 µT (30cm)
5.25 µT (5cm)

Coffee machine
0.08 µT to 0.15 µT (30cm)

0.01 µT to 0.25 µT (30 cm)

Microwave oven
0.07 µT (50cm)
0.2 µT (30cm)
17 µT (5cm)
0.6 µT to 3 µT (30cm)

Extractor hood
0.5 µT (50cm)
1 µT (30cm)
6 µT (5cm)
Stove hotplate
0.1 µT to 0.35 µT (30cm)
8 µT to 12 µT (30cm)

Vacuum cleaner (1600 W)
2 µT to 20 µT (30cm)

Iron (1000 W)
0.16 µT (30cm)
6 µT (5cm)

Washing machine
0.15 µT to 3 µT (30cm)

0.08 µT to 0.3 µT (30cm)

Inverter (around 2000 W)
0.31 µT (60cm)
2 µT (30cm)
165 µT (0cm)

Electric meter and panel

Circular saw
3 µT to 25 µT (30cm)

2 µT to 3.5 µT (30cm)
Screwgun (750 W)
5.9 µT (30cm)
Drilling machine
2 µT to 3.5 µT (30cm)

Electric mower
520–1,180 µT (mean, measured) (source: EMF-Portal)

1 µT to 1.2 µT (10 cm)

(near the transformer)

0.5 to 30 µT

0.05 µT to 0.2 µT (30cm)

Cathode screen
0.1 µT to 7 µT (30cm)

Halogen lamp (12 V)
0.2 µT to 0.35 µT (30 cm)

(flat-faced screen)

(50 Hz) 0 µT (30cm)

0.19 µT (30 cm)

Hair dryer (1600 W)
0.2 µT (50cm)
1 µT (30cm)
18 µT (5cm)

Electric heater
0.15 µT to 5 µT (30cm)

Electric shaver
15 µT to 1500 µT (3cm)

Fluorescent tube (36 W)
0.6 µT (30cm)

Electric toothbrush
(in charge, near the transformer)

0.02 µT (30cm)

Electric clock (8 W)
0.25 µT (50cm)
0.75 µT (30cm)
2 µT (5cm)

Heating cover
Electric field, 250 V/m
MF from 0.3 µT to 5 µT
MF < 0.15 µT on the mattress

LED lamp (6 W)
0.02 µT (30cm)

(cathode screen)

0.05 µT (50cm)
0.25 µT (30cm)
2 µT (5cm)

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