BBEMG - Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group

Belgian BioElectroMagnetics Group

Public health (UGent)

Public health (UGent)

Lutgart Braeckman +32 (0)9 332 36 91
Maurits De Ridder +32 (0)9 332 45 89

Reasearch project inside the BBEMG:

Extremely low frequencies electric and magnetic fields (ELF-EMF) health effects in workers and in the general public: Epidemiological review and risk assessment.

See Objectives, Reports and publications.

Other topics:

  • Occupational health problems (ELF magnetic fields, chemicals, heat stress, mechanical vibrations, noise).
  • Teaching in occupational health and occupational hygiene.
Vakgroep Maatschappelijke Gezondheidekunde
Universitair Ziekenhuis, Blok A
De Pintelaan 185 | 9000 Gent

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Latest update on 19/10/2017

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