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EMF exposure modelling (HV network): Reports and publications

EMF exposure modelling (HV network): Reports and publications

Activity report


C. Geuzaine, V. Beauvois, M. Spirlet

During the 2018 year, the ACE group from the University of Liège fulfilled three different tasks about the reconstruction of 50 Hz magnetic field maps from experimental measurements and the assessment of ELF exposure. The first task aimed to develop a prototype of a mobile field measurement system, responsible for collecting the data that will be gathered during upcoming measurement campaigns in the streets of Brussels. As a second task, methods allowing the accurate reconstruction of a magnetic field map based on a minimal set of measurement of the magnetic field are being assessed. Due to the complexity of reconstructing accurate field maps based on partial and noisy data, the first experiments were carried out for canonical cases in our laboratory. Finally, the third task was dealing about the automation of ELF exposure simulations based on available GIS data (high-voltage line maps, street maps), coupled to available high voltage grid data, such as flowing currents and line configurations, allowing to automatically create magnetic field maps for a given geographical zone.

Past activity reports


C. Geuzaine, V. Beauvois, P. Dular, M. Graulich

During the 2013-2017 phase of the BBEMG research program, the ACE group from the University of Liège has developed an easy-to-use software application to evaluate ELF fields near common ELF sources, in particular near power lines and underground cables. Based on the open source packages GetDP, Gmsh and ONELAB, the application provides an intuitive graphical interface for interactive parameter modification and result exploration. The application is available for both desktop computers running Windows, MacOS and Linux, and for mobile devices running iOS and Android. Three fully parametric models are included: a two-dimensional model of underground cables, a simplified two-dimensional model of overhead power lines, and a full three-dimensional model of overhead power lines.


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