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Cumulative environmental nuisances: Reports and publications

Cumulative environmental nuisances: Reports and publications

2017-2018 activity report

C. Bouland & Z. Ennamsa

This first year of the project was dedicated to the design and the preparation of the study protocol in close collaboration with the worker’s cytogenetic and gene expression studies. The project protocol was submitted to the Ethics Committee of Erasmus-ULB in August 2018. The committee asked for small amendments. The updated protocol of the project was reviewed and accepted by the Committee on the 6th of November 2018.

An exposure correlated perception study on the general Brussels population aims to associate risk perception with the knowledge of infrastructures. A first map is under development to recruit volunteers along 3 situations (near a visible source, near an invisible source and far away from any source). Questionnaires and estimations of exposures using ELF-MF, noise and particulate matter personal dosimeters will be performed at first step.

ULB-ESP collaborates with Sciensano and ULB-LROT for the cytogenetic and gene expression studies. ULB-ESP also collaborates with Sciensano for the recruitment of EHS individuals.

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