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General disclaimer

General disclaimer


The BBEMG site aims to contain up-to-date information. Despite our best efforts, the BBEMG does not guarantee that the information is complete, up-to-date or correct in every respect. The persons in charge will correct mistakes that should be pointed out.

The site includes links to external sites for which the BBEMG has no authority. The BBEMG is not responsible for the content of those sites.

The BBEMG does not take any responsability for potential damage to your personal computer that might occur when using the site.

Intellectual property

Texts, pictures, animations and other elements of the site are protected by author's copyright. The use of any part of the site is allowed for educational purposes only.

Any reproduction of the BBEMG site contents in your own website must be authorised beforehand by Maryse Ledent (Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP), Brussels). Information source must always be clearly and correctly mentioned.

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Latest update on 02/05/2017

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